Carbon Nanotube Accelerator


* M.Tanaka and M.Murakami
Computer Physics Commun.
vol.241, 56-63, 2019.

* M.Murakami and M.Tanaka,
Appl.Phys.Lett., vol.102, 163101, 2013.

* Physics Update, Physics Today,
May 2, 2013

The Carbon Nanotube Accelerator
(CNT) has central protons inside
the nanotube, as well as exterior
carbon and gold ions (for coating).

Then, the AC electric field of
7x10^17 W/cm2 is applied to the
nanotube. Protons are expelled
viollently along the parallel direction.

When the electric field of 1x10^22 W/cm2
is used, it has relativistic electrons and
protons, as is shown in Comp. Physics
Communications in Elsevier Publisher (2019).

Movies of three cases...

Perpendicular to CNT

With carbons only
- no Au ions are present

Along the CNT


Au (+20)

H (+)


C (+6)



E: AC electric field