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A. Condensed Matters
1. Microwave Heating of Materials

Numerical analysis of the microwave heating of compacted copper
powders in single-mode cavity,

Selective heating mechanism of magnetic metal oxides by a microwave
magnetic field ...

Effective permittivity and permeability of coated metal powders at
microwave frequency ... Physica B (2010).

Microwave heating of water, ice and saline solution: Molecular dynamics
study ... J.Chem.Phys. (2007)

Enhanced heating of salty water and ice under microwaves: Molecular
dynamics study ..., JMPEE (2008).

Numerical study of microwave heating of micrometer size metal particles,
M.Suzuki, M.Ignatenko, M.Yamashiro, M.Tanaka and M.Sato,
ISIJ Intern'l., 48, 681-684 (2008).

2. First-Principle Molecular Dynamics
First-principles molecular dynamics studies of plasma-surface interactions,
J. Korean Phys. Soc. (2006)

B. Soft Condensed Matters
3.Charged Polymers, and DNA
Surface-induced phase separation of a sphingomyelin/cholesterol/ganglioside
GM1-planar bilayer on mica surface and microdomain molecular conformation
that accelerates Ab oligomerization ... Mao et al.,
Biochim.Biophys.Acta (2010).

Nanopores with DNA: Strong electrostatic interactions in cellular dynamic
processes ... Flow Dynamics (2006)

DNA in nanopores: Counterion condensation and coion depletion
Phys.Rev.Lett. (2005)

Clumps of randomly charged polymers: Molecular dynamics simulations of
condensation, crystallization and swelling ... Phys.Rev. E62 (2000).

Molecular dynamics of strongly coupled multichain Coulomb polymers in
pure and salt-added Langevin fluids ... J.Chem.Phys., 110 (1999)

Molecular dynamics study of structure organization in strongly-coupled chain
of charged particles ... Phys.Rev. E56 (1997)

4.Charge Inversion Phenomena
Electrophoresis of a rod macroion under polyelectrolyte salt: Is mobility reversed
for DNA? ... J.Physics: Condensed Matter (2004)

The effects of asymmetric salt and a cylindrical macroion on charge inversion:
Electrophoresis by molecular dynamics simulations
... Phys.Rev. E68 (2003).

Electrophoresis of charge inverted macroion complex : Molecular dynamics study
... Euro.Phys.J., E7 (2002)

Giant charge inversion of a macroion due to multivalent counterions and
monovalent coions: Molecular dynamics study ... J.Chem.Phys., 115 (2001)

C. High-Temperature Plasmas
5. Coulomb Explosion by Intense Lasers

Relativistic and electromagnetic molecular dynamics simulations for a
carbon{-gold nanotube accelerator, M.Tanaka and M.Murakami
Computer Physics Communications, Elsevier Publ. (2019)

Generation of high-quality mega-electron volt proton beams with
intense-laser-driven nanotube accelerator, M.Murakami and M.Tanaka
Applied Physics Letters (2013) (American Institute of Physics)

Nanocluster expansion into vacuum and quasi-monoenergetic spectrum by
uniformly distributed contaminant ions, M.Murakami and M.Tanaka,
... Phys.Plasmas, 15, 082702 (2008)

6. Origin of Magnetic Reconnection
Macro-particle simulations of collisionless magnetic reconnection
Phys.Plasmas, 2 (1995)

Asymmetry and thermal effects due to parallel motion of electrons in
collisionless magnetic reconnection.... Phys.Plasmas, 3 (1996)

The origins of electrical resistivity in magnetic reconnection: 2,3-D
macro-particle simulation study,
Earth Planets Space, 53, 463-472 (2001)

7. Macro Particle Simulation Code
Macro-EM particle simulation method and a study of collisionless
magnetic reconnection ... Comput.Phys.Commun., 87 (1995)

A simulation of low-frequency electromagnetic phenomena in kinetic
plasmas of three dimensions ... J.Comp.Phys., 107 (1993).

Macroscale implicit electromagnetic particle simulation of magnetized
plasmas, J.Comput.Phys., 79, 209-226 (1988).

8. Instabilities & Nonlinear Plasma Processes
Excitation of kinetic Alfven waves by resonant mode-conversion and
longitudinal heating of magnetized plasmas, Phys.Fluids, B1, 325-332

Macroscale particle simulation of relativistic electron beam njection
into a magnetized plasma channel, Phys.Fluids, 29, 3823-3831 (1986).

Simulations of heavy ion heating by electromagnetic ion cyclotron
waves driven by proton temperature anisotropies,
J.Geophys.Res., 90,
6459-6468 (1985).

Creation of high-energy electron tails by means of the modified
two-stream instability,
Phys.Fluids, 26, 1697-1699 (1983).

9. Planetary shocks
Numerical simulation of small-scale low-beta magnetic flux ropes
in the pper ionosphere of Venus and Mars, Planet.Space Sci., 56,
1542-1551 (2008).

The behavior of heavy ions in collisionless parallel shocks generated
by the solar wind and planetary plasma interactions, J.Geophys.Res.
101, 27565-27571 (1996) [Shimazu, Tanaka, & Machida].

Macro-particle simulation of collisionless parallel shocks generated
by interactions between the solar wind and planetary plasmas,
J.Geophys.Res., 101, 7647-7653 (1996) [Shimazu, Machida, & Tanaka].

Plasma heating at collisionless shocks due to the kinetic cross-field
streaming instability, J.Geophys.Res., 90,123-136 (1985)
[Winske, Tanaka et al.].

A source of the backstreaming ions in the foreshock region,
J.Geophys.Res., 88, 3046-3054 (1983).

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