Physics of High-temperature Plasmas

We describe here our research of high-temperature plasmas with particle simulations in five categories.

1. First proof of magnetic reconnection

The origin of magnetic reconnection that requires dissipation in plasmsa, since most of the plasmas of our interest are virtually collisionless...

2. Coulomb explosion of intense-laser irradiated pellets

The basic process of hydrogen pellets irradiated by intense short pulse laser is studied as an exact N-body problem by relativistic molecular dynamics. It has applications to laser fusion and beam souces for medical treatments.

3. R&D of macro-particle simulation code

The method to deal with low-frequency plasma phenomenoa with kinetic (particle) effects. Here included are resonance, charge separation of ions and electrons, finite Larmor radius, and transport.

4. Formation of a planetary shock (in Japanese)

Generation of a collisionless shock in solar wind and planetary plasma interface. Simulation by macro-particle code [Work by Dr. H.Shimazu].

5. Wave instabilities and plasma heating (in Japanese)

Wave generation via plasma instabilities due to particle beams and anisotropy of temperature and density. In nonlinear steps, plasma acceleration, heating result.

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