Video Movies:

Movie 1.
Proton Nanotube Accelerator

The nanotube accelerator started at cold temerature is executed
to have tens of MeV. It is relativistic in protons and electrons.

Movie 2.

Molecular Dynamics Simulation of
    Charge Inversion Phenomenon

Highly charged large ions (macroions) floating in electrolyte
liquid (containing salt ions) is subject to motion under an
applied electric field. Surprisingly, the direction of the motion
is opposite to the one expected from the bare charge of the
macroion, because they are massively coated by small salt ions,
hence the name charge inversion. It has medical applications
to gene delivery including DNA - giant charged polymers.

Movie 3.

Invitation to Molecular Dynamics
(narration in Japanese)

This movie with fine music (runtime 17 minutes) introduces you
to the molecular dynamics simulation studies. Several examples
are demonstrated to let you see how such simulations are used
in actual researches.

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