Figure: Charge inversion of a DNA rod
Plasma and Materials Science 
by Molecular Dynamics


Relativistic and electromagnetic molecular dynamics

Microwave Heating of Magnetic Metal Oxides

Microwave Heating of Water and Saline Solution...
Classical and Quantum Mechanical Molecular Dyanmics
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A planetary shock and the solar wind
Ionic Soft Condensed
High Temperature Plasmas

Motohiko Tanaka, Chubu University
College of Engineering
1200 Matsumoto-cho, Kasugai 487-8501, Japan

Charge inversion

Planetary shock

Maroon Bells, Aspen, USA

1. Carbon nanotube accelerotor, 2.Microwave heating of materials (dielectric, magnetic oxides, Heisenberg model),
3.Ionic soft condensed matters (Polymers, Charge inversion, DNA and membrane), 4. First principle molecular dynamics
(Quantum mechanics), 5. High-temperature plasmas (Magnetic reconnection, Mesoscale particle code, Planetary
shocks), 6.Methodology of molecular dynamics simulation 7. Published papers and books

* Video movies of molecular dynamics simulations, Boewulf PC cluster with Pentium 4

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Wave instabilities, plasma heating
Magnetic reconnection
Macro-particle simulation

Microwave heating of water & ice

Carbon Nanotube

AMD Opteron cluster with
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Heating of Water and Ice by Far-Infrered
Electromagnetic Waves (FPMD)

"Giant Molecules" Grosberg and Khohoolov  Japan translated with a new chapter

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DNA in Nanopores

Method and Tools of
Molecular Dynamics
Molecular Dynamics Simulation

Microwave Heating and Control
of Materials

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DNA in Nanopores

Graphite erosion by hydrogen adsorption

First Principle Molecular Dynamics
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Carbon Nanotube Accelerator