PC Cluster Machine Equipped with Low-Latency
Communication Software

Motohiko Tanaka
Present: Graduate School of Engieering, Chubu Univ., Japan
Email:mtanaka@isc.chubu.ac.jp, http://dphysique.isc.chubu.ac.jp/


A high performance Beowulf (PC cluster) machine installed with
Linux operating system and MPI (Message Passing Interface) for
interprocessor communication has been constructed using Gigabit
Ethernet and a communi-cation software GAMMA (Genoa Active
Message Machine) instead of the standard TCP/IP protocol. Fast
C/Fortran compilers are exploited with the GAMMA communication
libraries. This method has eliminated large communication overhead
of TCP/IP and resulted in significant increase in the computation
performance of real application programs including the
first-principle molecular dynamics simulation code.

Keywords: PC cluster machine, non-TCP/IP communication,
 small latency and high throughput, fast C/Fortran compilers

* Construction of a PC cluster and the introduction of the Siesta
code were made under collaboration with Dr.Y.Zempo

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NIFS TECH Series No.12 (May, 2004)
Arxiv Physics 0407152 (July 2004)
PC cluster machine equipped with low-latency communication
software [Arxiv physics 0407152 (2004), PDF, English]

Timings of GAMMA, TCP/IP and RISC machines [PDF, English]